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Neotic is a platform that offers traders, with no background in big data analysis or coding, a customizable Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) engine for backtesting and daily forecasting and automated trading. The user can evaluate the performance of their strategy (forming a portfolio of US stocks), test it live through paper trading then run it daily on third party broker.
Most backtesters out there use technical indicators and assume fixed rules. Whereas our backtesting methodology does not make any assumption about the markets and is dynamic by definition, the selection rules are adaptive, means they learn and progress everyday. In addition, Neotic programmers are traders themselves who, program and thus, created the tools they needed for their daily trading.
These strategies are essentially used to help beginners finding their best strategies (by starting from one of them and changing some parameters according to each user's preference). However, possibilities of different strategies is 10^44 - infinite. So the user might find an even better performing strategy with their own trading criteria.
Backtesting is the process of applying a trading strategy to historical data to see how accurately it would have predicted actual trading performance. More information can be found in the documentation section.
Once the user starts a backtest, our intelligent system based on the feature extraction and machine learning takes care of the results. To learn more about how Neotic processes tons of data and predicts daily forecasts, click here to check the technical slides.
An error message in orange color will appear below wrong input(s). If the error message is not clear, kindly check the corresponding strategy parameter in the documentation section, where it is further explained.
A pop up will appear stating that the user will be notified when their backtest is ready, which might take 30 mins or up to 2 days, according to inputted criteria. Thereupon, the user will receive an email message as well as a notification on their profile.
  • - Go to my backtests
  • - Choose the backtest you wish to delete
  • - Press “Learn more”
  • - Press “Delete”
  • - Press “yes”
If the user is forward running a strategy, he shall get daily forecasts on which stocks to long &/or short. When the user gets an email message as well as a notification on his profile telling them that data is updated for the next open market day, it means that they can start a new forecast and receive updated results for the next trading day. Therefore, they shall not receive an email on American holidays during which the market is closed.
To unsubscribe, go to profile, uncheck the “subscribe” box at the end of the page and save the changes.
Our forecasting service is customized upon each user’s backtest, therefore, Neotic does not provide daily recommendations, unless the user is satisfied with their backtest performance and wishes to forecast it. However, Neotic offers "backtested strategies" for users to start from.
To receive forecast from a specific backtest, the user can press the button “Get stocks to trade today” - a forecast takes on average less than 10 minutes. The user will have to long &/or short the recommended stocks on their preferred third party brokerage. They should also input the corresponding stop-loss and target-gain, and make sure to close the position in the holding period days. To learn more about this process, check the forecasting tutorial in the documentation section.
Automated trading - also called passive trading - is the use of algorithms to set trading orders and automatically submit them to the broker. For the user, setting their strategy to automated orders reliefs them from having to input by hand their daily transactions. To learn more about this process, check the forecasting tutorial in the documentation section.
A forecast allows the user to manually trade his strategy (input the recommended stocks on their broker’s account). Whereas automated trading allow the user to automate the whole trading process (watch it running!). To learn more about this process, check the forecasting tutorial in the documentation section.
Paper trading means trading in real markets but with fake money. Neotic recommends paper trading first prior to deploying strategies live with real money as a second layer of testing.
Automated orders can be sent only through brokers that we are currently connected to: Interactive brokers, rithmic, high ridge, halifax, AGM and GarWood connected through Collective2. However, If the user wishes to automate their strategy through other brokers, they can contact us and we will work on providing them with an API key if possible.
To stop an automated running strategy, the user can go to my automated orders and press the red “x” next to “stop” in the “status” column of the table.