About us

Neotic is pioneering in offering traders, with no background in big data analysis or coding, a customizable Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) engine for backtesting and daily forecasting and automated trading . Created with the intention of aiding traders, brokers and hedge funds, Neotic offers a specialized value proposition for each segment - contact us to learn more.

By using our services, traders can test their strategies’ performance in the past to pick the optimal ones and get recommendations for which security to long or short. Users can subsequently deploy their strategies in the simulator (with virtual money) to further test the recommendations as a final step before going live trading with real money and accumulating profits.

We live at the fourth industrial revolution era where A.I. can augment the human intelligence in decision making, especially for risk management. Its modern applications span several fields in our daily life, from Facebook facial recognition to Google search completion etc. Traders worldwide are looking for the application of A.I. to pattern recognition and automated trading. Machine learning - part of A.I. - is capable of learning good practices of winners regardless of the macroeconomics. Thus not picking stocks for trades except when they are inner winning exceptions rather than following trends.

The founder, Samir El Zein, holder of Ph.D in numerical analysis, used to be an equity trader, when he figured the need for a tool to help him analyse daily all markets data - press here to check an overview of the company. That’s when he started developing the application of Artificial Intelligence to pattern recognition and automated trading - press here to learn more on the technical side.

Mission statement

Democratizing the customization of Artificial Intelligence for trading (to regular traders).

Portfolio optimization technology (Investment funds).

Vision statement

To build a technology that surpasses the human analytical capacity.

To study the overall market for each security prior to making a decision including news, fundamentals and historical prices.





Why Neotic?

  • 2+ years proven track record of live trading with positive returns.

  • Online based - accessible from anywhere and supported on most devices.

  • Created by traders not programmers.

  • Backtesting methodology that does not make any preset assumption about the markets and is dynamic by definition - adaptive strategies.

  • Transparency about our algorithms’ past performance, press here to check some of our live tested portfolios.

  • One Month Free trial, every trader can try Neotic platform prior to purchasing our services for a month. If satisfied, contact us to get more services.

  • Protection against negative “Black-swans” through stop loss orders and dynamic portfolios.

  • Users can perform personalized backtesting and save/reuse the parameters and has a graphic follow up on his individual trades and portfolio evolution.